About Blue Eyes Coffee and Mountain Café

Building a business is not an event; it’s a journey. The Mountain Café journey began in 2008 in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China. When we started the café we had one simple goal: to provide an authentic Western Café experience that involved quality food and beverages – especially coffee. Our coffee beans were always freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed, which gave our customers the best possible opportunity to enjoy quality espresso, latte and cappuccino!

By 2012 we had expanded our operations to include a fully-imported 5 kg roaster, which was installed in the café. We started roasting under our own brand, Blue Eyes Coffee. We made the decision to support local Yunnan coffee farmers by promoting high quality Yunnan coffee and providing farmers with fair prices, despite low market rates. We also made the decision to import high quality international beans to provide customers in China with a more diverse selection. All of our coffee beans, both international and local Yunnan, are high-altitude specialty grade beans (cupping 80 or above by Q-grader standards).

The introduction of the roaster allowed us to provide an even better coffee experience for our café customers. It also marked the beginning of our wholesale operations. During this year we also commenced our training programs for local café and expanded our client base into Laos. This very successful experience helped cement our commitment to work in partnership with other local cafés. We desire mutual benefit for all local business in this industry as we strive together to promote the ‘coffee culture’!

In 2014, our goal was not only to provide the best café experience to our customers but also to provide the best work experience for our employees. We worked hard with our team to create a work environment where everyone is treated fairly, enjoys above-market conditions, and is supported to develop his or her professional skills. We believe that a happy, professional staff leads to a satisfied returning customer – thereby promoting a harmonious local community! In 2014, our Yunnan coffee also won first place in Yunnan with a consistent Q-grader score of 83, giving us more confidence to provide a quality product to our customers. This was largely due to the excellent work of one of our strategic partnerships. We are thankful that they have been able to help the farmers produce a quality product.


In 2015, we continued our pursuit of excellence by fine-tuning our coffee skills with international standards. In 2015, we completed extensive training by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Our training included roasting, barista, green coffee, and sensory (the science of cupping coffee and giving it an objective review). We are now SCAE certified and apply the same international standards to Mountain Café and Blue Eyes Coffee that produce great coffee enjoyed around the world.


Our Yunnan coffee has improved by leaps and bounds and has become a coffee that can compete with other specialty coffees around the world. Much of 2016 was focused on introducing our Yunnan signature coffee to customers in the U.S.A. Bluestem Bistro in Manhattan, Kansas, became the first café to use our coffee in the States and the feedback was great!

One of the owners had this to say: “The coffee has been a hit…it’s been selling well.  We’ve had many people ask questions about “Coffee from China” and it’s been cool to share about it.  One of the biggest things I’ve heard is people love how smooth it is with no bitter aftertaste.” This is the kind of value that we strive hard for, to provide customers with a coffee they love and provide happy customers to cafés we partner with. We are excited to continue our legacy of focusing on quality and striving to provide value to everyone that interacts with our business.