Termite Mound in Our Cafe

Reclaiming Our Cafe from the Termites

Front Roaster Area Under Construction

The Dust Leftover After Termites


Front Side of Cafe

Front Dining Area w/ Roaster

Front Door

Front Coffee Bar

Over the last couple years termites have eaten most of the wood out of the front side of our cafe. With parts of our front doorway collapsing in and the whole front wall able to wiggle just by pressing the wall with your hand, we were in much need of some repairs. During the Buddhist Water Splashing Festival we closed the cafe and made these repairs. We also changed some of our front-end structure around to make things more efficient, like moving the espresso machine next to the sink and moving the ice machine next to the drink station. After these repairs our cafe looks better and our front-end is much more efficient. And after some wise advise from my father-in-law (an architect) we re-buttressed the second floor to make it safe. Who knew the second floor was not supposed to bounce when you walked on it :-D. We are very thankful to the group at Quinault for helping make these repairs possible. And we could not have done these repairs without the help and expertise of Josh and Sam Aberle. We are thankful for the resources available to us.