common espresso machine problems

Leaking Steam Wand

A leaking steam wand is not only causing annoying noises, but also results in uneven milk steaming and wasting electrical power.

Leaking Brew Head

A leaking brew head reduces the pressure and disturbs the extraction. Coffee will be sour or tasteless.


Scale causes copper pipes to clog, valves to not seal properly and eventually leads to irreversible machine damage.

Let us take care of your equipment so your barista can focus on making coffee

our service package:

Maintenance Deal

(999RMB/year + 299RMB on-boarding)

4x standard
maintenance per year

2x extended
maintenance per year

We take care of all critical maintenance. We only use original parts. We train your barista to perform basic maintenance. If the machine breaks during the duration of the contract we charge only parts for the repair, not work. We make an appointment for maintenance avoiding busy hours. If a serious issue arises, you can have a replacement machine on loan for free.

Individual Maintenance