Caring for People.
Caring for Earth.

We Believe In...


Empowering People

We support local farming communities long term by helping them to grow better coffee and create secondary revenue streams from waste products. This enables them to grow their business and to stand out in the market.

Caring For The Environment

When it comes to our longstanding relationships with the farms, we focus on sustainability. We do not use harmful or illegal pesticides, herbicides, or crop amplifiers. We only use high pressure water for cleaning and we use dedicated garbage collection. We encourage the use of bio-diverse vegetation between the coffee trees.
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Not only do we want our product to be excellent, but also the way we do business. We are transparent about our farming practices as we continually rethink how to we empower our farmers and improve our products. We are persistent in our efforts to bring about change in the coffee industry.

How We Process Our Coffee


When our coffee cherries are ripe, picking begins. Only perfectly ripe cherries are picked. If the fruit is unripe, the taste of the coffee will be sour and astringent, while overripe fruit get moldy and smelly.

Naturally Processed

We use the natural process for our coffee. The cherries are first sorted and cleaned, then the whole cherries are dried on concrete slabs. Coffee is constantly turned to ensure even drying and to prevent mildew from forming.

Meticulously Sorted

Before the beans can be sorted by weight and size they need to be hulled (removal of the hard outer layers). Our coffee is sorted twice to remove foreign matter and allow for a uniform bean size.

Artisanally Roasted

Our roasting style is developed such that the characteristic fruitiness from the natural processing is present without the coffee tasting sour. This balance is essential for making it usable for many different brewing methods.

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