Introducing Maarten Hol

Hi, my name is Maarten. I am from The Netherlands (Holland). I have been in China since early 2014, studying Chinese for 2.5 years and then running a cafe for 2 years. In 2019 decided to move away from the cafe business and start a coffee roastery. Within China we use the brand Hani Coffee Co. In the USA we are known as: Blue Eyes Coffee.

As a proper Dutchman I have always liked coffee. Being part of a coffee business therefore comes naturally. Because I have a background in engineering I also very much enjoy working with the equipment that is an essential part of the coffee roastery.

The coffee that we provide is grown in the highlands of Yunnan, the province in South-China where we live. It is grown at the ideal altitude resulting in a high density coffee bean that roasts well and has many other good qualities. Moreover it is grown with respect for the natural environment and the people that work the farm.

This last part is very important to me. I want my business to generate meaning in this remote part of the world. With this business and together with the effort of many others we aim to address and solve the many problems of exploitation and damage to the environment caused by the coffee industry. Together, I believe we can really make a change so that anyone can enjoy wonderful, high quality, fresh and clean coffee!

Happy Cofffee drinking!

Maarten Hol

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