Menglian Kagoo Specialty Washed 1lb.

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Perfectly roasted single origin specialty coffee from China! Fresh whole beans or ground.

Good for home brewing: pour over, drip, French press.

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This coffee originates from the highlands of Yunnan, China. Specifically Menglian, close to the Burmese border. The mild climate and the particular altitude make Menglian the best place in China to grow coffee.

We have developed  two roasting styles for this coffee: medium and dark. The medium roast brings out the caramel, nutty, butterscotch and very delicate citrus flavors, while the dark roast has a more nostalgic dark chocolate flavor.

We roast and ship the same day to make sure you receive the coffee as fresh as possible. This kind of coffee and roasting style is best enjoyed between 6 to 20 days after roasting.

We highly recommend using a grinder and buy whole beans, but understand that not everybody has a grinder readily available, so we offer a ground option as well. Make sure to reseal the bag every time you open it as quickly as you can for maximum freshness.

Detail summary:

Origin: Menglian, Yunnan, China
Variety: Catimor
Altitude: 5200 ft./1600 m
Process method: Washed
Notes medium roast: Nuts, Caramel, Citrus
Notes dark roast: Dark Chocolate, Nuts
Q-grade cupping score: 83pt
Roast level: Medium or Dark
Bag size: 1lb.(450g)

Brewing advise:

Medium roast:

Drip coffee, pour-over (chemex), French press

Dark roast:

Aero-press, espresso machine

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 5 × 9.5 in

Whole Bean, Ground


Medium, Dark

3 reviews for Menglian Kagoo Specialty Washed 1lb.

  1. Charles (verified owner)

    Thank you–for making Sunday mornings special! We serve Blue Eyes coffee as a “Hello, we’re glad you are here!” moment on Sunday mornings. It is easy to order, and we are impressed with the packaging and timely delivery. Plus, I know someone is ready to help if I do have problems!

  2. Eddie Clark (verified owner)

    Great coffee! This coffee has an 87 Q grader score! I really enjoyed it as a pour over and it even came out well in the Keurig K cup, though this is not my method of choice. This coffee is got great acidity with good fruity flavor notes. I don’t like bitter coffee and there was very little bitterness in this coffee. And the light roast helped ensure no burnt flavors. I’ll definitely buy this again. And you can’t beat $12 for 16oz of specialty coffee. I spend $16 at my local specialty coffee shop and many shops cost more and only give you 12oz. Btw, if you buy two bags the shipping cost is the same, which keeps the price down per bag ;-).

  3. Emily Bailey (verified owner)

    Our new favorite coffee! Smooth and flavorful. Great as pour over, french press, or percolated.

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